Don’t choose total look. Choose total performance.

In motocross or off-road, most riders match their gloves to the rest of their look, and consider gloves as just an extension of their jersey/ pants outfit. You just have to try on a FIVE glove to understand all the benefits of wearing a product designed and made for effectiveness and performance, not just for the look. FIVE gloves provide both improved steering sensitivity, and help prevent blisters, sworn enemies ofany pro or amateur rider. They significantly enhance the joy of riding, and, therefore, the rider’s level of performance. Just as we don’t necessarily match our helmet or our boots to the rest of our outfit, the most demanding riders know that only a glove specialist can offer them the best MX or Off-Road glove. Wearing FIVE gloves is no faux pas…on the contrary, it’s a sign that you pay attention to every single detail. And that alone gives you a serious edge over the competition.

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