Be street smart.

The STREET collection (formerly STREET URBAN) is designed for riders in urban or suburban environments seeking an effective everyday glove, for maximum pleasure at the controls. This collection offers a wide selection in three distinct product groups, STREET-SPORT, STREET-AIR, and STREET-URBAN, each of which features its own vision of two-wheeled riding, with all of them following the “PROTECTION / FITTING / DESIGN” principle that is at the heart of FIVE. STREET-SPORT gloves, instantly recognizable with their visible protective shells, a design feature invented by FIVE and inspired by our competitive gloves, are perfect for sporty style and for no-holds-barred riding. These include the STUNT, an iconic style from our brand, or the SF series, crowned Supermoto World Champion 12 times over, with the SF1. The styles in the STREET-AIR selection, which come from a variety of backgrounds, share a love of ventilation and are made for summertime use. They are your go-to gloves as soon as temperatures start to sizzle. The STREET-URBAN group includes all-leather, fabric, or mixed styles with protective shells that are softer and more discreet, ideal for riders crisscrossing the city in any number of ways (scooter, roadster, or supermoto, from smaller two-wheelers to heavy motorbikes…), always looking out for both their comfort and safety.

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