From MotoGP racing to everyday sport riding.

This range is the product of FIVE’s experience at the very highest level of international competition. Across all disciplines, MotoGP, Superbike, Supersport, and Endurance, gloves from the Racing range are designed for precision steering, both on the track and on the road*. They offer riders guaranteed efficiency, high performance, and protection. Maybe you’ll never ride on a track, but what does it matter? Though some of our Racing gloves are clearly made for competition, others are more multipurpose in nature and will be perfect at the helm of your own machine for everyday riding… as long as you have that sport bike spirit. Many famous riders have chosen FIVE gloves during their careers, and each of them has contributed to the development of the styles you’ll discover today. Some of the big names include: Andrea DOVISIOSO, Stéphane CHAMBON, Fabio QUARTARARO, Karel ABRAHAM, Jules CLUZEL, Peter HICKMAN, and many others. With their help, we’re proud to present the most advanced Racing range that has ever been made for mass production.

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